26 April, 2010

Ohhhh yippie!!

Update Time!!

So today was our 20 week ultrasound. Hip hip HOORAY! I have been super anxious for today to arrive when I made the appointment 7 weeks ago! Last night and this morning there were a couple things that were worrying me. One included twins, which has been on my mind since ultrasound #1 back 11 weeks ago. And two included any genetic problems that they can catch on an ultrasound (for example, Down Syndrome). Well, thankfully, neither one of those were the case today and I had absolutely nothing to worry about as normal...but I guess its a mom thing. Or parent thing....but more so a mom thing? I don't know. Whatever. So nothing was wrong with the baby. Baby was measuring right on target at 19w4d, which is good! I was also thinking that maybe I could have gained so much weight from the baby being farther along that previously thought. Not the case, but I'm not upset that I'm a little bigger in the belly area. Annnnyyywayyy. Everything in baby land is happy and healthy and fantastic. OH! And very very GIRLIE!! Yes, yes, we decided...well...I decided mostly, but Bradley didn't fight me on it...to find out the sex, and I'm pretty happy that we did. I'm not one for surprises, and I really need to get some shopping done (when we have the available fundage) for this baby. So far she's just going to be wearing white onsies....which, might be fine for where we're moving...but seriously? No. I think not. We are all pretty darn excited. I know Bradley was hoping for a boy, but he seems to be pretty happy about it. He's still giving me a little bit of a hard time about "making a girl"....which....yea right. But he, in general, seems happy about it. Ultrasound time is one of my favorite times in the pregnancy. It makes me so happy to see the baby in her happy little cave in my uterus. She was super relaxed today too...just loungin around...probably napping. She seemed pretty pissed that the ultrasound tech was poking at her with that wand. But she at least got to see the girlie parts, and get all the information she needed. Which is always a good thing. We got to see her little heart beating away (146bpm) and her little mouth opening and closing like she was a fish -- at least that's what it looked like to me! It was super cute. She was covering her face and putting her feet up and keeping her legs crossed and just had the "back the fuck up" attitude. Also, according to the ultrasound tech, I have a low lying placenta...which, at this stage of the game, doesn't seem like such a big deal. It could be, but right now, the placenta will probably just move out of the way. I'm going to have another ultrasound in about a month and a half to double check. So that'll be good times I guess. I'm pretty stoked about the fact that I'm having another girl...a lot of it has to do with the fact that almost everyone was 100% convinced that the baby was going to be a boy, and now I'm having a girl. Haha! She pulled a fast one on everyone. So that's whats been up! Baby is fantastic. Mommy and Daddy are happy. Reilly is awesome (and happy that she's not getting a boy!). I am completely giddy today. Finding out the sex of the baby and making sure everything is healthy is such a relief!! I also have to add in the final picture, because Bradley will seriously flip his shit if I don't. It's one of the alien lookin ultrasound pictures (one of the frontals) and he photoshopped it a little bit....I think its hilarious and a little sad for a baby girl. Haha. It's "The Terminator" picture. Yea....yea...my husband is a keeper. Haha. So that's that. Also, now is the fun part of making the name list! Woohoo..........I have a feeling that Bradley and I are going to be butting heads on this thing so what we're both gonna have to do is make some lists separately and then go from there.

I'll do another update soon...just wanted to do the big long post about the ultrasound because I really had a good time then. I wish Reilly could have gone with use -- my mom was sick today, so she ended up going to Auntie Brooke's house -- but other than that, I'm pretty happy with today. Reilly even gets to have her own little ultrasound picture when we get a frame for her and she's so happy she gets it. But another update soon!!


19 April, 2010

boring update....

It's update time!!

So lets do the pregnancy thing first. 18w4d today. Getting close to the halfway point. Reallllly close. It seems like I've been pregnant for so much longer than I actually have been, but I suppose that's how it always goes eh? I mean, by the time I had Reilly, I felt like I had been pregnant for well over a year. So my pregnancy keeps dragging on and on and I'm pretty much done with it already but I know that in the next 22 weeks or so, it's going to get lots, lots worse. Meh. But I did take some pictures. As always. I've been pretty good about keeping track of my pregnancy with pictures. I just think its crazy how huge I got so fast. When I was a first time mama, I wasn't even close to this size at 18 weeks and this pregnancy it was like BAM MOTHER FUCKER! That's exactly what the baby said too. Not shocking what-so-ever. See that over there? BAM! So in less than a week, we'll be going to our ultrasound to measure the baby -- make sure he/she is healthy and happy as a clam and...dun dun dun!!!...to find out the sex *cross your fingers this little turtle isn't a shy one*. I'm very anxious and excited about this appointment and just wish it would be fucking here already! But I have less than a week, which I am super happy about....I mean, two weeks ago it was three weeks until the appointment -- and these weeks seem to be going pretty faster. Relatively. Ish. Kinda sorta. But anyway. So we got that going. We finally decided on if we were going to bring Reilly or not. We had gone back and forth on the idea, but ultimately we decided that we could bring her. She's old enough to understand and hang out and not lose her shit waiting, so we're bringing Grandma (my mom) along to keep her company while the ultrasound tech does her business, then they'll be able to come in and see at the last minute. I hope Reilly enjoys getting to see her brother or sister. She's been pretty adamant that it's a girl...and she keeps telling me that she "doesn't like boys" -- well, until today when she told me she did like boys....soooo I guess we'll see. Another thing I'm pretty excited about is that the baby is slowly but surely making his/her presence known. Bradford's been able to get it to move a couple times by warming up the belly (because my belly runs ridiculously cold) and the baby has made a few little movements. And its been one or two every day for the last week or so. I'll be happier when they get more frequent but not annoying. Haha.

We also got my parents old bed. The bed we had was ridiculously low to the ground...I had such a hard, hard time getting out of bed. Because of how huge I am, and because it was so low to the ground, I was so miserable. So my parents got a new bed a couple months ago, and they used their old one as a guest bed...they've had this bed for a very, very long time. I loved this bed when I was younger, and I'm really really happy we got it because I just FEEL comfortable. If that all makes any sense. We also got to go to Seattle -- for Bradford's FIRST TIME. We went to the Pacific Science Center which was a total blast. Reilly had so much fun. She loves things like that.

Other than that -- things are just goin...I'm in ZzzzZzZzzzz mode, so this is going to get cut short tonight, but I'll update again soon.


11 April, 2010

baby showers and beef bourguignon

Yawn. It has been a long week. Though -- since I stay at home, my weeks sometimes blend together, and really the only reason I know its the weekend is because Bradley is at home all day instead of at work. But its been an especially tiring week this week. Anyone else feel the same? Anyone? Good.

So today, I'm 17w3d into the 40-ish weeks of pregnancy. Man this one seems like its going slow....slow ass slow as a matter of fact. But, we did get something accomplished this week that it seems like I have been just completely putting off and putting off and that was complete a gift registry. Well...I guess the registry isn't really done...but those kinds of thing never are "complete" per se. But I got some stuff on a couple baby registries, which makes me feel much, much better. Especially with the big things, like a stroller and car seat and things like that....since I'm huge on everything being gender specific. But we picked out some things that would be perfect for both a girl or a boy, and I'm pretty happy with that. I think Bradley is as well, which is really awesome. So we got that done today. I am honestly excited about that part being as done as I'm gonna get it right now because I felt like it was this HUGE weight on my shoulders that's totally been lifted. Next up is the ultrasound that's coming up in two weeks that I can't wait for! It's such a big deal to me to find out the sex of the baby...oh and also to make sure he or she is growing just fine. Ha. Then after that will be the baby shower that we gotta deal with, which hopefully plays out smoothly. Those kinds of things frustrate the shit outta me...even when I'm not planning them. Brooklyn gave me the task of completing a guest list, which, after a week or whatever of not being able to get it, I finally picked some people for that...which was really hard. I'm a hermit. I like my very close group of a couple friends and that's it. It's not that I don't like other people, its just that I like these people to be around. Sigh. So that's comin' up too. Plus, I have a whole side of the family that lives in the mid-west that won't even be able to be at the shower, which makes me sad as well. But I guess 'tis the life. I'm pretty bummed in general about not being around my in laws during the pregnancy of their first biological grandchild. I know they are super excited, and would love to be closer...sucky. The second picture btw, I look sad because my arms are fat. I'll be working on that soon.

What else?

OH! So we watched Julie & Julia tonight -- well most of it. This is something I would totally, absolutely, love to do, is cook through an entire cook book and blog about it. But I won't. Haha. At least I can admit that though right? But it was a good movie, and I recommend it. The ending could have totally been better...but the story in and of itself was good. Maybe one day...maybe one day I'll cook through an entire cookbook.

Alright -- off to finish watching Celebrity Apprentice with the hubs. More blogs and stuff later.


05 April, 2010

Today's Frustrations...

So Monday's, even though I don't have a conventional job, are STILL my least favorite day of the week. However, they do have set the entire tone of the week....which is unfortunate.

So what am I frustrated about today?

** The amount of laundry that I still need to fold and put away (I've been "working" on it for about a week now)

** Working on who I want to come to my baby shower -- I'm such a hermit now that I'd just be comfortable with my closest friends and family there...blah!

** Working on my baby registry. I am RIDICULOUS pissed with this. First off, I don't know if I'm having a boy or a girl, and I want gender specific things. People keep telling me to pick gender neutral. NO! I don't wanna! This is my baby. I want gender specific things.

** The car situation. Brad wants to get a new car before we move. I'm not sure how its all going to pan out financially and it frustrates me. I just want a nice, family car, for everyone that I will be comfortable driving around with the kids. And I just want it to be easy....easy easy peasy...where I won't want to throw things and cry over it. That's all I want.

** An effing house. Not here. I've loved the house we've had here. I'm getting frustrated about a house in Hawaii. Though, looking at the military housing referral website today, I do have a good feeling that we're going to be able to get a good place that meets my standards (which include 3+ bedrooms, 1.5+ bathrooms, some kind of garage/storage area, and preferably an actual house, all under $2400. Mostly it just frustrates me that I can't drive down the street and look at houses and we have to wait until the end of June/beginning of July to even look at places. Frustrating to the max.

** Headaches and feeling icky...stupid pregnancy.

** Not getting to go to Ohio before we go to Hawaii -- AND not getting to go to Vegas with Brooklyn and Steven for their wedding. I'm sad about both of these things. I know that once we get to Hawaii, we won't be getting to visit with our relatives a lot, but especially our Ohio relatives. It makes me super sad that we won't be going before we leave. And Vegas because Brooklyn is my best friend -- basically my sister -- and of course I want to be there when she gets married...but with it being just basically a week or so away from when we are leaving for Hawaii, neither one of those things seems possible to do without completely fucking up my system. With how miserable I've been with this baby, the last thing I want to do is aggravate him/her with lots of flying. *sigh*

So that's what I'm frustrated about today (and most likely for the rest of the week)

I think I need a spa day...or a massage...or both! That's what I want....and need. Off to start my laundry list! Hooray...:/


04 April, 2010

Easter Holiday and Other Come-uppins...

So Easter was today.

My family has never really made a huge deal out of the holiday. No big huge family meals or anything like that. It's not even close to a big deal. I never understood WHY families made a big deal of it. Not that there is anything wrong with it I suppose, I just never got it. Then again, why should I? I don't believe in any god, so I suppose this holiday is not for me. We basically use it as an excuse to give the kid a sugar high and give her little presents that we want an excuse to give her. This year it was Alvin and The Chipmunks: The Squeakual and The Princess and The Frog. She had a pretty decent Easter. We hid eggs all over the downstairs of the house and just let her find them throughout the day. It was too nasty to do anything outside, so we just kinda did it at our own pace. Like I said -- Easter isn't my thing. Sometimes I almost feel bad doing anything on Easter BECAUSE we aren't religious, but right now, its just as much a commercialized holiday as Christmas is. So I just let it ride, and just hang out at home and spend time with the family. Which is what we did today. We watched one of Roo's new movies. I took a nap...all in all a relaxing day. I'm pretty tired and totally ready for bed, but we have Celebrity Apprentice to watch tonight (on till 11...yikes)

Tomorrow I have literally, a laundry list of shit to do. I'm so tired of feeling so exhausted, but having to play catch up on all this crap. So tomorrow, I think that I'm going to work on laundry and our bedroom and bathroom. I can usually tackle that in a day and a half or so, completely get it all the way done -- laundry folded and put away, the rest of the room picked up, that kinda thing. The house always seems to be in good condition (or at least acceptable condition) when Bradford comes home from TDY or whatever, but give it a couple weeks and its just horrid again. And with me being pregnant and not feeling even CLOSE to 100%, it takes me so much longer to get things done and I'm just constantly falling behind. I know it drives Bradford crazy, I just need everything to stand still for just a couple days and I can get it done.

So Reilly's birthday party was quite the success...had some family and friends over, and she got some fun stuff, all in all, a good day. Her ACTUAL birthday however, she was ridiculously cranky, and decided that she did not want to be 4. So we let her be 3 for her birthday. Haha. But she's been 4 now for almost a week...she just seems like she's grown up over night. Looks wise...she's always been a smart kid, but just looking at pictures of her, she just LOOKS like a big kid. I'm not sure where my baby girl went, but man its just so different to look at her now. Look at that!! She is officially NOT a baby anymore, she is officially a damn big kid. *sigh*

So I'm 16w3d pregnant. Almost half way through. We had a doctor appointment on Monday...just a quick check up. Got to hear the heartbeat. Well, it was my second time hearing the heartbeat. It was Bradford's first time. The baby's heart-rate was 140, which, if we go by the old wives tale, points to a little girl. But, I'm not ready to jump to conclusions right now...I have mixed feelings about what the sex of the baby is going to be, and right now, I'm not too concerned. We're finding out the sex at the next appointment, which is coming up on 26 April. I'm really excited about that. Mostly because then I can FINALLY start making my baby registry. I've started looking, but every time I sit down to get it done, I just fail miserably at it. I think its just because this isn't baby number one -- and I don't know what the baby is. I'm really frustrated with the fact that I can't get it done. It's just one more thing that I gotta get done before the move, since Brooklyn and Trish are planning my baby shower for the end of May. Yikes!

So there's that.

Hope everyone enjoyed their Easter weekend and celebrated how they saw fit!