28 February, 2011

Taking A Break...

So I know I posted yesterday about how I've been on hiatus and I'm oh so sorry, but I'll be back right?

Well, sorry to disappoint (if I'm even doing that), but because of the lovely Sayward Rebhal over at Bonzai Aphrodite , I will be taking a month long break from the internet. Okay, not a complete and total break from the internet, but I'm limiting myself to about an hour a day; checking my email and facebook in the morning and then in the evening, and then I can go online for however long it takes me to do my weekly menus. (And possibly doing school work for the doula class that I am hopefully going to be signing up for this week that is 100% online...obviously I can't ignore the internet if I'm doing school work right??)

I spend the majority of my day with my laptop on and open to facebook and I usually have about 8 tabs open on my browser as well. Even when there is nothing to do! I waste A LOT of time. Seriously...a lot. So I'm taking a break. I know, I know, I'm sad too, but with my family coming to visit in just a short couple weeks, I need to concentrate on my house and my family and less on my computer and the internet. If it wouldn't break my heart, I would just cut our internet all together (and plus, I don't want to make the husband sad by cutting off his xbox live...)

I'll update you all when I get back at the beginning of April. In the next month, we're having my mom and my sister in law visit, and Reilly turns 5!!!!! FIVE PEOPLE!! She turns FIVE.

(PS - I'll still be uploading pictures from my phone, I'm totally sure. I have friends and family that need to see my cutie patootie girls!!)

So farewell intrawebs. Farewell (tomorrow).


26 February, 2011


I've obviously been on a blogging hiatus. Sad, I know. I'll be back soon though, I promise!

01 February, 2011

Making a Multifunctional Playroom

So this is what our playroom currently looks like. Kinda sorta. There are dots all over the wall by the chalkboard. And there is a whole other part of the room just to the left of that bookcase. But there isn't anything there other than a big pile of books that came down from my bedroom about pregnancy, and a box full of Ophelia's toys and books. So really, there isn't anything going on in my playroom.

Since we've moved here, I've had visions of putting a comfy chair or small loveseat in that room to make it have a little more of a grown up feel to it.

So I've been looking all over Craigslist for a nice looking and CHEAP chair or loveseat. 

This is the chair I found. Nothing spectacular. Brown in color. Plain. It was $85, so it didn't cost a whole bunch. Just a nice little chair. Brad SHOULD be picking it up soon. So this is the chair. I'm waiting for it to get here so I can evaluate what colors I can use with it. Right now I'm thinking plum and cream as main colors...but we'll see I guess.

Since I think every piece of furniture needs either a table or ottoman, I'm looking for a cheap and junky (but functional) coffee table so I can Make an Upholstered Ottoman in my color choice! Seems simple enough right? Then I'll just add a side table and BAM! Got myself a nice little reading nook.

But that's totally not all. Previous to moving, we bought these shelves to use as part of a TV stand...unfortunately, we could only use one due to the space that we had. So I have that thing that I'm planning to put under the smaller of the two windows in the reading nook to use for storange -- books, magazines, blankets, what have you. I'm also going to have my mom see if she can find any chair cushions in the as-is section at Ikea the next time they go. I saw this post about using the cushions as a cheapy dog bed. Since we don't have any dogs, I'm going to make some to use as my own floor and bench thingy pillows. That isn't all -- I'm considering making these Floor Poofs or these Floor Cushions. I have yet to decide, but I have so many options!

Next. I want to kind of put a wall between the reading nook and the playroom. Not completely closed off or anything like that. But I want to definitely give at least the illusion of separation. So remember that bookcase in the very first picture? {Go ahead and scroll up, I'll wait....} Okay, you see that big huge bookcase? I'm going to turn that around so that the book spines are facing the front of the house. On the back of that bookcase, I'm going to put some pretty paper or something, followed by a piece of plywood or particle board, and then some cork board. That cock board is going to be facing the play room side of the room, so Reilly (and eventually, Ophelia) will be able to put her pictures up on board to show off. I'll also have some storage on the side of the bookcase that isn't up against the wall for toys and stuff too.

Then, the playroom side will be super fun. I'm going to put in a built in desk, just like this with one exception. I'm going to put it in the corner. I'm going to cut out two holes in the top and put in little metal tins for Reilly's markers and pencils and crayons. Underneath I'm going to add some storage...I haven't quite decided what exactly yet, but it's going to be storage for Reilly's coloring books and paper and stuff like that. Probably add a garbage can and some kind of lighting as well.

Next task is to figure out some storage for Reilly's board games, puzzles, and random little toys that she keeps in the play room. And storage for Ophelia's things as well. That's where her play mats and little toys and her exersaucer are to be stored. (PS! If you have storage ideas for board games, puzzles, crap like that, PLEASE let me know and send me links! I'm looking for ways to store everything).

Here's a little rough layout (yea, I did it on Paint. Sue me!) for you to look at and see where the things will lay. I know, it looks like a disaster. I'm well aware that I have zero artistic skills. See that white space up there on the right hand side? That's where storage is going to go. It's sloped down because thats wall is where our stairs are.

So check that shit out! How excited are you for me?! Seriously, I am stoked. I'll continue to post on the progress I'm making. Like I was telling Brad a week or so ago -- our house feels like home, but it's never felt homey. It's just kind of put together and it holds all our things where the should be. I'm just so excited to do something DIFFERENT with our house. Playroom/reading nook is going to be first -- then I'm going to be tackling the kitchen. I'm excited for that as well!

Be back to posting soon. Promise!