26 April, 2010

Ohhhh yippie!!

Update Time!!

So today was our 20 week ultrasound. Hip hip HOORAY! I have been super anxious for today to arrive when I made the appointment 7 weeks ago! Last night and this morning there were a couple things that were worrying me. One included twins, which has been on my mind since ultrasound #1 back 11 weeks ago. And two included any genetic problems that they can catch on an ultrasound (for example, Down Syndrome). Well, thankfully, neither one of those were the case today and I had absolutely nothing to worry about as normal...but I guess its a mom thing. Or parent thing....but more so a mom thing? I don't know. Whatever. So nothing was wrong with the baby. Baby was measuring right on target at 19w4d, which is good! I was also thinking that maybe I could have gained so much weight from the baby being farther along that previously thought. Not the case, but I'm not upset that I'm a little bigger in the belly area. Annnnyyywayyy. Everything in baby land is happy and healthy and fantastic. OH! And very very GIRLIE!! Yes, yes, we decided...well...I decided mostly, but Bradley didn't fight me on it...to find out the sex, and I'm pretty happy that we did. I'm not one for surprises, and I really need to get some shopping done (when we have the available fundage) for this baby. So far she's just going to be wearing white onsies....which, might be fine for where we're moving...but seriously? No. I think not. We are all pretty darn excited. I know Bradley was hoping for a boy, but he seems to be pretty happy about it. He's still giving me a little bit of a hard time about "making a girl"....which....yea right. But he, in general, seems happy about it. Ultrasound time is one of my favorite times in the pregnancy. It makes me so happy to see the baby in her happy little cave in my uterus. She was super relaxed today too...just loungin around...probably napping. She seemed pretty pissed that the ultrasound tech was poking at her with that wand. But she at least got to see the girlie parts, and get all the information she needed. Which is always a good thing. We got to see her little heart beating away (146bpm) and her little mouth opening and closing like she was a fish -- at least that's what it looked like to me! It was super cute. She was covering her face and putting her feet up and keeping her legs crossed and just had the "back the fuck up" attitude. Also, according to the ultrasound tech, I have a low lying placenta...which, at this stage of the game, doesn't seem like such a big deal. It could be, but right now, the placenta will probably just move out of the way. I'm going to have another ultrasound in about a month and a half to double check. So that'll be good times I guess. I'm pretty stoked about the fact that I'm having another girl...a lot of it has to do with the fact that almost everyone was 100% convinced that the baby was going to be a boy, and now I'm having a girl. Haha! She pulled a fast one on everyone. So that's whats been up! Baby is fantastic. Mommy and Daddy are happy. Reilly is awesome (and happy that she's not getting a boy!). I am completely giddy today. Finding out the sex of the baby and making sure everything is healthy is such a relief!! I also have to add in the final picture, because Bradley will seriously flip his shit if I don't. It's one of the alien lookin ultrasound pictures (one of the frontals) and he photoshopped it a little bit....I think its hilarious and a little sad for a baby girl. Haha. It's "The Terminator" picture. Yea....yea...my husband is a keeper. Haha. So that's that. Also, now is the fun part of making the name list! Woohoo..........I have a feeling that Bradley and I are going to be butting heads on this thing so what we're both gonna have to do is make some lists separately and then go from there.

I'll do another update soon...just wanted to do the big long post about the ultrasound because I really had a good time then. I wish Reilly could have gone with use -- my mom was sick today, so she ended up going to Auntie Brooke's house -- but other than that, I'm pretty happy with today. Reilly even gets to have her own little ultrasound picture when we get a frame for her and she's so happy she gets it. But another update soon!!


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