19 April, 2010

boring update....

It's update time!!

So lets do the pregnancy thing first. 18w4d today. Getting close to the halfway point. Reallllly close. It seems like I've been pregnant for so much longer than I actually have been, but I suppose that's how it always goes eh? I mean, by the time I had Reilly, I felt like I had been pregnant for well over a year. So my pregnancy keeps dragging on and on and I'm pretty much done with it already but I know that in the next 22 weeks or so, it's going to get lots, lots worse. Meh. But I did take some pictures. As always. I've been pretty good about keeping track of my pregnancy with pictures. I just think its crazy how huge I got so fast. When I was a first time mama, I wasn't even close to this size at 18 weeks and this pregnancy it was like BAM MOTHER FUCKER! That's exactly what the baby said too. Not shocking what-so-ever. See that over there? BAM! So in less than a week, we'll be going to our ultrasound to measure the baby -- make sure he/she is healthy and happy as a clam and...dun dun dun!!!...to find out the sex *cross your fingers this little turtle isn't a shy one*. I'm very anxious and excited about this appointment and just wish it would be fucking here already! But I have less than a week, which I am super happy about....I mean, two weeks ago it was three weeks until the appointment -- and these weeks seem to be going pretty faster. Relatively. Ish. Kinda sorta. But anyway. So we got that going. We finally decided on if we were going to bring Reilly or not. We had gone back and forth on the idea, but ultimately we decided that we could bring her. She's old enough to understand and hang out and not lose her shit waiting, so we're bringing Grandma (my mom) along to keep her company while the ultrasound tech does her business, then they'll be able to come in and see at the last minute. I hope Reilly enjoys getting to see her brother or sister. She's been pretty adamant that it's a girl...and she keeps telling me that she "doesn't like boys" -- well, until today when she told me she did like boys....soooo I guess we'll see. Another thing I'm pretty excited about is that the baby is slowly but surely making his/her presence known. Bradford's been able to get it to move a couple times by warming up the belly (because my belly runs ridiculously cold) and the baby has made a few little movements. And its been one or two every day for the last week or so. I'll be happier when they get more frequent but not annoying. Haha.

We also got my parents old bed. The bed we had was ridiculously low to the ground...I had such a hard, hard time getting out of bed. Because of how huge I am, and because it was so low to the ground, I was so miserable. So my parents got a new bed a couple months ago, and they used their old one as a guest bed...they've had this bed for a very, very long time. I loved this bed when I was younger, and I'm really really happy we got it because I just FEEL comfortable. If that all makes any sense. We also got to go to Seattle -- for Bradford's FIRST TIME. We went to the Pacific Science Center which was a total blast. Reilly had so much fun. She loves things like that.

Other than that -- things are just goin...I'm in ZzzzZzZzzzz mode, so this is going to get cut short tonight, but I'll update again soon.


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Patricia said...

I really like that bed that they gave you. You also have bedposts to help you up or down!