11 April, 2010

baby showers and beef bourguignon

Yawn. It has been a long week. Though -- since I stay at home, my weeks sometimes blend together, and really the only reason I know its the weekend is because Bradley is at home all day instead of at work. But its been an especially tiring week this week. Anyone else feel the same? Anyone? Good.

So today, I'm 17w3d into the 40-ish weeks of pregnancy. Man this one seems like its going slow....slow ass slow as a matter of fact. But, we did get something accomplished this week that it seems like I have been just completely putting off and putting off and that was complete a gift registry. Well...I guess the registry isn't really done...but those kinds of thing never are "complete" per se. But I got some stuff on a couple baby registries, which makes me feel much, much better. Especially with the big things, like a stroller and car seat and things like that....since I'm huge on everything being gender specific. But we picked out some things that would be perfect for both a girl or a boy, and I'm pretty happy with that. I think Bradley is as well, which is really awesome. So we got that done today. I am honestly excited about that part being as done as I'm gonna get it right now because I felt like it was this HUGE weight on my shoulders that's totally been lifted. Next up is the ultrasound that's coming up in two weeks that I can't wait for! It's such a big deal to me to find out the sex of the baby...oh and also to make sure he or she is growing just fine. Ha. Then after that will be the baby shower that we gotta deal with, which hopefully plays out smoothly. Those kinds of things frustrate the shit outta me...even when I'm not planning them. Brooklyn gave me the task of completing a guest list, which, after a week or whatever of not being able to get it, I finally picked some people for that...which was really hard. I'm a hermit. I like my very close group of a couple friends and that's it. It's not that I don't like other people, its just that I like these people to be around. Sigh. So that's comin' up too. Plus, I have a whole side of the family that lives in the mid-west that won't even be able to be at the shower, which makes me sad as well. But I guess 'tis the life. I'm pretty bummed in general about not being around my in laws during the pregnancy of their first biological grandchild. I know they are super excited, and would love to be closer...sucky. The second picture btw, I look sad because my arms are fat. I'll be working on that soon.

What else?

OH! So we watched Julie & Julia tonight -- well most of it. This is something I would totally, absolutely, love to do, is cook through an entire cook book and blog about it. But I won't. Haha. At least I can admit that though right? But it was a good movie, and I recommend it. The ending could have totally been better...but the story in and of itself was good. Maybe one day...maybe one day I'll cook through an entire cookbook.

Alright -- off to finish watching Celebrity Apprentice with the hubs. More blogs and stuff later.


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