05 April, 2010

Today's Frustrations...

So Monday's, even though I don't have a conventional job, are STILL my least favorite day of the week. However, they do have set the entire tone of the week....which is unfortunate.

So what am I frustrated about today?

** The amount of laundry that I still need to fold and put away (I've been "working" on it for about a week now)

** Working on who I want to come to my baby shower -- I'm such a hermit now that I'd just be comfortable with my closest friends and family there...blah!

** Working on my baby registry. I am RIDICULOUS pissed with this. First off, I don't know if I'm having a boy or a girl, and I want gender specific things. People keep telling me to pick gender neutral. NO! I don't wanna! This is my baby. I want gender specific things.

** The car situation. Brad wants to get a new car before we move. I'm not sure how its all going to pan out financially and it frustrates me. I just want a nice, family car, for everyone that I will be comfortable driving around with the kids. And I just want it to be easy....easy easy peasy...where I won't want to throw things and cry over it. That's all I want.

** An effing house. Not here. I've loved the house we've had here. I'm getting frustrated about a house in Hawaii. Though, looking at the military housing referral website today, I do have a good feeling that we're going to be able to get a good place that meets my standards (which include 3+ bedrooms, 1.5+ bathrooms, some kind of garage/storage area, and preferably an actual house, all under $2400. Mostly it just frustrates me that I can't drive down the street and look at houses and we have to wait until the end of June/beginning of July to even look at places. Frustrating to the max.

** Headaches and feeling icky...stupid pregnancy.

** Not getting to go to Ohio before we go to Hawaii -- AND not getting to go to Vegas with Brooklyn and Steven for their wedding. I'm sad about both of these things. I know that once we get to Hawaii, we won't be getting to visit with our relatives a lot, but especially our Ohio relatives. It makes me super sad that we won't be going before we leave. And Vegas because Brooklyn is my best friend -- basically my sister -- and of course I want to be there when she gets married...but with it being just basically a week or so away from when we are leaving for Hawaii, neither one of those things seems possible to do without completely fucking up my system. With how miserable I've been with this baby, the last thing I want to do is aggravate him/her with lots of flying. *sigh*

So that's what I'm frustrated about today (and most likely for the rest of the week)

I think I need a spa day...or a massage...or both! That's what I want....and need. Off to start my laundry list! Hooray...:/


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