04 April, 2010

Easter Holiday and Other Come-uppins...

So Easter was today.

My family has never really made a huge deal out of the holiday. No big huge family meals or anything like that. It's not even close to a big deal. I never understood WHY families made a big deal of it. Not that there is anything wrong with it I suppose, I just never got it. Then again, why should I? I don't believe in any god, so I suppose this holiday is not for me. We basically use it as an excuse to give the kid a sugar high and give her little presents that we want an excuse to give her. This year it was Alvin and The Chipmunks: The Squeakual and The Princess and The Frog. She had a pretty decent Easter. We hid eggs all over the downstairs of the house and just let her find them throughout the day. It was too nasty to do anything outside, so we just kinda did it at our own pace. Like I said -- Easter isn't my thing. Sometimes I almost feel bad doing anything on Easter BECAUSE we aren't religious, but right now, its just as much a commercialized holiday as Christmas is. So I just let it ride, and just hang out at home and spend time with the family. Which is what we did today. We watched one of Roo's new movies. I took a nap...all in all a relaxing day. I'm pretty tired and totally ready for bed, but we have Celebrity Apprentice to watch tonight (on till 11...yikes)

Tomorrow I have literally, a laundry list of shit to do. I'm so tired of feeling so exhausted, but having to play catch up on all this crap. So tomorrow, I think that I'm going to work on laundry and our bedroom and bathroom. I can usually tackle that in a day and a half or so, completely get it all the way done -- laundry folded and put away, the rest of the room picked up, that kinda thing. The house always seems to be in good condition (or at least acceptable condition) when Bradford comes home from TDY or whatever, but give it a couple weeks and its just horrid again. And with me being pregnant and not feeling even CLOSE to 100%, it takes me so much longer to get things done and I'm just constantly falling behind. I know it drives Bradford crazy, I just need everything to stand still for just a couple days and I can get it done.

So Reilly's birthday party was quite the success...had some family and friends over, and she got some fun stuff, all in all, a good day. Her ACTUAL birthday however, she was ridiculously cranky, and decided that she did not want to be 4. So we let her be 3 for her birthday. Haha. But she's been 4 now for almost a week...she just seems like she's grown up over night. Looks wise...she's always been a smart kid, but just looking at pictures of her, she just LOOKS like a big kid. I'm not sure where my baby girl went, but man its just so different to look at her now. Look at that!! She is officially NOT a baby anymore, she is officially a damn big kid. *sigh*

So I'm 16w3d pregnant. Almost half way through. We had a doctor appointment on Monday...just a quick check up. Got to hear the heartbeat. Well, it was my second time hearing the heartbeat. It was Bradford's first time. The baby's heart-rate was 140, which, if we go by the old wives tale, points to a little girl. But, I'm not ready to jump to conclusions right now...I have mixed feelings about what the sex of the baby is going to be, and right now, I'm not too concerned. We're finding out the sex at the next appointment, which is coming up on 26 April. I'm really excited about that. Mostly because then I can FINALLY start making my baby registry. I've started looking, but every time I sit down to get it done, I just fail miserably at it. I think its just because this isn't baby number one -- and I don't know what the baby is. I'm really frustrated with the fact that I can't get it done. It's just one more thing that I gotta get done before the move, since Brooklyn and Trish are planning my baby shower for the end of May. Yikes!

So there's that.

Hope everyone enjoyed their Easter weekend and celebrated how they saw fit!


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