10 May, 2010

Mother's Day

I know I'm a day late, but Happy Mothers Day to all the mommies!! For my Mothers Day post, I actually wanted to post my birth story from Reilly. It was written over 4 years ago, about a day and a half after I got out of the hospital...

Just wanted to remind myself that it's all worth it...

Hope you enjoy. (btw, this is direct cut and paste so apologies for anything that's off in the post. lol)

Late Tuesday night I started having contractions [around 12-1am] that weren't that bad...they just felt like I was starting my period. I was able to sleep through them. Around 4am I woke up to go pee and I noticed that they were a little stronger, but again I was able to sleep through them. Brett had to get up at 6am because him and Brooke had to go get Brett had to get up at 6am because him and Brooke had to go get his mom's truck for the day and I was the one with the alarm clock, who would actually wake up to it. So I got up at 6, with the plan being that Brooke was going to go get the truck, come home, get Xander and take him to the dentist and then school and I would sleep in with KK. Well, around 7am, after everyone had left, my contractions started getting really bad. I was still able to talk and walk [I was trying to call my mom and I ended up talking to my brother] through my contractions. When they were getting so bad that I was trying not to cry through them, I told Brooke that she needed to figure out something to do with this kids because I wanted to go to the hospital...this was around 9am. I was going on 2 hours of contractions by myself. I wasn't have a very good time coping with them. I couldn't breath right, nothing I could do was calming me down, and I was panicing, mostly because I was by myself. Brooke called Brett and told him to come home from work. Brooke came home to me sitting on to me sitting on the couch trying not to cry. She got KK ready [Xander got dropped off at school and was going with a friend after] and packed me a bag for the hospital while Brett was on his way home. About 15 minutes after Brett got home, we headed to the hospital.

I got there at around 10am and was immediately admitted in. By this point I had very much decided that I wanted an epidural and told them upon admission so that they would have it ready for me once I was examined. I got taken back to the exam room where they checked my blood pressure, and babies heart beat and my contractions. My mom met us there. I peed in a cup and got dressed into my gown [they are so hot by the way] and was on the table. The nurse checked me and I was at 6 cms. Holy hell. I didn't plan on staying home THAT long, but I obviously had no way of checking to see how far along I was, and I was in such pain I couldn't time my contractions, so I had absolutely no clue how far along I could possibly be. They got a room ready for me and I headed down there, having contractions the whole way. I don't really remember much of what happened between the time I was admitted and the time that my epidural started working because I was in such pain. They got me in the room, got an IV started and everything. They got Sharon, my midwife in the hospital. They got the epidural guy [I don't know how to spell it] and everything went by pretty quick. The epidural hurt, and it was hard to stay still through my contractions, but god damnit it was worth it! I would have had a horrible birthing experience if I hadn't gotten that epidural. I got that around 10:45pm. Between 11am and 12pm I was checked every ten minutes it seemed like. Blood pressure and temp. My dad and brother had shown up by this point, as had our friend Jessi. At 12:30, my midwife came and checked me to see how dilated I was and I was at 9.5cm. 3.5cm's in a little over 2 hours. The nurse said that like that it would be likely that I'd start pushing within the hour or so. At 1:40 or so, my midwife came back, checked, and I was at 10cm and it was time to push.

The pushing was by far the worst. Not because I was in pain, because I wasn't, but because I pushed for almost 3 hours. I started on my back [not flat] and pushed that way for about an hour and a half. They then flipped me to my side, which seemed to take hours to do. Then my midwife started suggesting that we use a vacuum and that was NOT something I was AT ALL interested in. But I protested a bit, and she understood, and we tried squatting with the bar, and then back on my back. About half way into my third hour of pushing, my midwife said that I would have to have an episiotomy. I was NOT about that. I tried protesting it, and she said we could try about 4 more contractions and if there wasn't progress, we'd have to or else we have to do something more...so I said okay. I ended up having an episiotomy, but from what she said afterward, I needed it. And knowing that she doesn't do them unless they are absolutely necessary made me feel a lot better. After that, a couple more contractions and my baby was born into the world! They layed her on my tummy, and since I had been pushing for so long they cut the cord immediately [:(] and put an O2 mask on her to make sure she was breathing okay...which she was. We came home on Thursday after spending a day and a half in the hospital with all the awesome nurses! We're breastfeeding and she is an awesome eatter! She latches on so well and just goes and goes! She's been liking to stay up and night and since Wednesday I've been running off of about 10-12 hours of sleep! But I never realized that you could love something so tiny so much. I'm trying not to cry right now I'm just so happy to finally have her here. I don't want to let her go and putting her in her swing or bassinet is just yucky for me. I love it when she sleeps right next to me, especially on my chest. *sigh* This is what heaven is. :)

Reilly Eryn, born March 29, 2006 @ 4:39pm. 7lbs 1oz, 20in

Happy Mothers Day!!! :D

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