18 May, 2010

it's bee a long time...

I haven't blogged in weeks. I feel like I can't just take the time to sit down and actually WRITE anything. I could write short little things, but for the most part, I've been too fucking busy! But now I'll take the time to write something. Aren't you lucky?

So we'll start out with the obvious. The pregnancy. As of today I'm 24w3d...but I feel much farther along. I'm not sure if that's because I realized that there is only about 3 more months left in this pregnancy. Three more months? Are you kidding? I don't feel like I have ANYTHING done yet. I don't have nearly enough little baby clothes....yesterday, Bradford and I went out and bought the last big things for baby girl (a swing, bouncer and playard) that are going to be shipped with our household goods. I'm not AS worried about clothes, or diapers, or anything small and light because we can either try to shove that into our suitcases, or we can have mom and dad hang on to it until we get a house and we'll have them mail it to us. The big things were what I was worried about. Anyway...so the pregnancy has been going good...baby girl is moving like crazy and keeping me up at night now. Bradford gets to feel her more and more (when he's actually trying) Reilly is still excited to have another girl -- though, we're still trying to talk her out of the name Princess Baby. *sigh* I've been trying to reason with her that if she names the baby Princess, SHE won't get to be a princess anymore. Unfortunately, she keeps saying that they can both be a princess. Whatever Reilly. We STILL don't have a name for the baby picked out...there are a couple that we have that we're thinking about, but nothing set in stone at all. But I have no doubt that we'll have a name picked out by the time she comes.

Only a few people know about this, but I had to go to Labor & Delivery last week. I had some bleeding and cramping and my doctors wanted me to go just to make sure everything was okay. So I called Brad and I went and picked him up at work so he could go in with me to L&D. The only reason, I believe, that they had me go in, was because at my first ultrasound, I had a low lying placenta, which, if it doesn't correct itself, could end up covering my cervix -- which would mean a c-section for me. So they had me go in and lay down in L&D...monitored me to make sure I wasn't having contractions (I wasn't), they listened to the babies heartbeat, then they did an ultrasound to make sure everything was the way it was supposed to be. From the looks of the ultrasound and what the OB said, everything seemed fine. I just needed to take it easy for the rest of the day. He also put me on pelvic rest until my next scheduled ultrasound so they can double check to make sure that the placenta has moved. Apparently, he couldn't really tell...he said "it looks like the placenta has moved....I mean, I don't see it by the cervix..." -- he seemed like he didn't know what he was doing to me....butttttt whatever. He gave me a green bill of health, just pelvic rest until 7 June.

We move to Hawaii in about a month. 3 July is our OFFICIAL departure date. We have movers coming this week to pack up all our stuff...which is why we've been trying to get everything taken care of before hand...we have to get everything in the room we want it in, and we're working really hard on getting everything together that we DON'T want, so we don't take it to Hawaii when we don't need it. In the last couple days, I've compiled 3 bags of clothes that Reilly doesn't fit into anymore. wtf. I didn't realize we still HAD that many clothes still that she didn't fit into! Holy crap. Now, if I was smart....or cheap....I'd be saving all that stuff for baby girl. But seriously? Who wants to keep cloths around for at least 3 years? Not this lady. Anyway...we're all pretty excited. Today and tomorrow are packing days.....kinda sorta. I gotta get together all the stuff that isn't ours, (Jake & Trish!!) and I gotta get a couple things back from Brooke (cookbooks!) and I gotta start packing out bags for mom and dad's house...including getting Reilly's DS & iPod together with chargers, and getting our laptops separated. I also have to set things aside for Friday, which is when we have our unaccompanied baggage packed up, and I gotta figure out A- what we want to ship and B- how to get it all together easily.

So that's the next couple days. Just going through stuff. Blah.

I PROMISE I'll take the time to blog more...not that anyone reads this. But whatever.


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