28 September, 2010

2 week baby check up

Baby O's 2 week appointment was today (28 Sept. 2010). I can't believe my little OCHO is 2 weeks old today! She seems so much older for some reason.

So at birth she was 7lbs 15oz and 20in. At her appointment the day after we checked out of the hospital she was 7lbs 7oz and still 20in. Today, she's gained a whole pound since her first appointment after we got out of the hospital! She's weighing in at 8lbs 7oz! And she's grown half an inch and is now 20.5in! She seems like she's a ton bigger than she actually is. She's like a little beefcake. Bradford thinks differently...but whatever. She feels like a beefcake.

She's doing amazing at breastfeeding -- latching on really well and eating for a decent amount of time. Except today when she had a lazy day. But I think most of that was because she had a doctors appointment. All she wanted to do was sleep. Poor thing. I also feel overwhelmed with doctor appointments.

I need to make a phone call to see about the test results of her newborn screening...but I forgot today, so I'll probably do it tomorrow. Though I would assume that they would call if something was wrong -- the newborn screen tests for all kinds of ridiculous diseases, so if they didn't call, I would be horribly disappointed and would probably be suing someone.

Her pediatrician also wants me to schedule her for an ultrasound. Apparently, since she was breech for so long into my pregnancy (she flipped somewhere between 30 and 33 weeks or so...) she has an increased risk for hip dysplasia. But all the research I've done suggests that it happens mostly in baby girls who are born by c-section because they are breech, or are born breech vaginally. It's pretty common for babies to be breech up until the very end of pregnancy, and they don't even start to worry about it until between 35-37 weeks. I'm waiting until they get the order at the radiology department at Tripler to schedule it...and I have to wait till after she's 6 weeks old anyway, but what I'm a little irritated about is that out of everything I've read, there is generally a reason that they will send you to have an ultrasound done -- generally there is a clicking/popping feelings when the doctor moves babies legs...they never mentioned anything at the hospital. Or at her discharge appointment. Or at her 2 week appointment. It just bothers me so much that they are basing this decision on the fact that she was breech in-utero, when that's generally the norm, and there are no other factors that would lead them to believe that she needs to be checked out. It's just frustrating to me, and I don't know why....but she'll be getting an ultrasound done anyway...*sigh*

Other than that -- she's just an amazing baby. She's great at sleeping at night, and basically has a schedule already. She'll wake up on and off between like 6 and 10 at night, and she'll eat and doze, and be awake, but then somewhere between 10 and 11, she decides that she's tired for the night and she goes to sleep for 4 hours or so. Then she'll wake up to eat, then go back to sleep for another 4 hours-ish. It's so awesome. With Reilly I always felt like I was up all the time with her, and Ophelia is so easy, especially at night. She is a little diva though. She hates being naked for the most part. She hates any kind of wetness or poop in her diaper. She hates her bouncy seat...she barely tolerates her swing. She doesn't like the car too much either. She loathes binkies. I just hope that I can get her to take a bottle before my parents get here. I should probably try that sometime soon. Like I said in a previous post, I've been pumping, so I have a small supply.

I'm just going to continue crossing my fingers that she keeps being an amazing baby. With the exception that she shits A TON. Haha. Also, very excited to see Grandma and Grandpa next week, and then Nanny in about a month and a half! YAY! I've missed my parents soooo much since we moved and I can't wait to hang out with them! Of course, I'm just as excited to see my mother in law! Absolutely can't wait.

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