30 September, 2010

October 2010 Financial/Life Goals

Something that I've been wanting to do for a long time is get our finances in order. We aren't horrible -- not thousands and thousands of dollars in debt or anything like that, but we have some issues that we need to take care of. Really. Its not THAT bad. I promise. But we're still adjusting to the Hawaiian life style, and a couple of our bills are ridiculous and we just...well...we basically need to get our shit together. So now, I'm going to start making goals for our finances and life, and hopefully we'll stick to them. Also, I've been watching a lot of Suze Orman, and she makes me feel bad for not having money in a savings account or a retirement fund.

This month is going to be pretty easy, since its my first month.

1. Make a detailed budget and stick to it.

2. Get back to meal planning. This is going to be a little difficult this month since my parents are coming into town for 8 days and I highly doubt we'll be eating at home very often...which just makes sticking to a budget even harder.

3. Write out a chore list for everyone in the house so it gets done. (since its hard for the boob machine to do everything in the house all the time when the boob monster wants to eat all the time and hates being in her bouncy seat/swing)

4. Spend $60 or less on Halloween goodies, including costumes.

5. Make budget for Thanksgiving and Christmas, including who we are going to buy presents for, and shipping costs.

6. Lose the last little bit of the baby weight -- or at least start out small by going on walks a couple of days a week.

7. Call about life insurance that mysteriously got cut off last month, and look into talking to JAG about a will.

8. Obtain spear and spear fishing gear for Bradford.

9. Go through Roo's toys and clothes for things she can't fit into and things she doesn't play with anymore. Donate or sell.

10. Budget for savings, car fund, doula school and cloth diapers.

Ten goals. I think that these ten goals can be easily accomplished this month.

OH! I'll add one. 11. Enjoy visiting with my parents for 8 days! I'm so excited for them to get here.

So I'll update this in November with how I did with my goals for October, and go from there. This will continue to be a monthly thing, until we get our shit together. Or at least until I feel comfortable enough about our situation. Now only will I be blogging about mommy and wifely shit, but I'll be doing this now too.

Aren't you excited?!

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