11 March, 2010

yikes. 10 days!?

So its been awhile since I've updated. So lets get to gettin!

So lets see -- Bradford came home last week. Which, besides him being home again, was pretty uneventful. Though Reilly was very very excited, jumping out of the car and screaming "DADDY!!" while running to him. It was completely adorable. She loves him a ton. So since he's been home its been business as usual...he gets up and goes to work, and Reilly and I hang out and home and do home stuff. It's pretty boring staying at home all day again.

We went out for date night last weekend -- we went to The Rock, where I ate a ridiculous amount of pizza and chips (and drank way too much diet coke) and then we went and saw a movie (Shutter Island to be exact -- was an alright movie....). I love date night. We rarely get nights to ourselves, so it's always welcome. And since we don't have Jax anymore, we actually get to do stuff for date night.

So as of tomorrow, I'll be starting my 14th week of pregnancy. I've been feeling a little better, but it seems like once something goes away, something else comes to take its place. I still feel sick every once in awhile, usually early in the morning, or late at night, and my RLS (restless leg syndrome) has been completely ridiculous the last week or so. It keeps me up at night (unless I'm taking something to help me sleep) and then if I wake up at any point during the night, I can't get back to sleep. I've also been completely exhausted, again...I always want to take naps, and usually end up dozing off during the day at some point...I try to get as much done as I possible can, but my body just needs me to take it easy. I feel bad because I know I need to keep up on the house and stuff, I mean shit, its my goddamn JOB for fucks sake, but I just don't have the energy. After I take a shower, I have to lay down for a little bit. After dinner, I have to lay down for a little bit (or like the other night, I have to lay down in the middle of MAKING dinner) I'm pretty sure I caught Brad's cold, which is why I've been feeling so uber icky lately....but I know its not all cold. So I've just been trying to take it easy -- luckily Bradford has been pretty understanding with everything and giving me a break. I think that he's okay as long as I get something done during the day. And I'm trying really hard, but then again, it took me a little more than a week to get the house clean for his arrival home, and even then it wasn't perfect. I just really hope that I start feeling better and more energetic. On the plus side, we have a couple appointments coming up!! March 29th (Reilly's birthday!!) is my 16 week appointment that Bradford will be coming with me to. And then April 26th is our ultrasound appointment! Yay! I'm still debating on if I want bring Reilly with us -- if we do, Brad has to watch her in the waiting room until right before we're done with the appointment. Mom talked about coming and hanging out with her, but I don't wanna make her do that if she doesn't have to. I think there are pros and cons to both having her come and not having her come. But I think in the end I'll see if someone can watch her for a little bit while we go to the appointment. Whatever, we'll figure it out when the time comes, we still have awhile. So picture update time. (The picture is at 13w2d I believe) Please ignore the ridiculous face I'm making. I was concentrating on sucking in the fat. Everyone seems to be thinking I'm having more than one baby, but I honestly highly doubt it. If that's the case, they might as well cut me open and tie my tubes after the birth...because I think if I had twins, I'd be done. Haha. but anyway. So I'm not as huge as I feel, I don't think. It's just really hard to think that I'm both only 14 weeks AND HOLY CRAP 14 WEEKS! I feel much farther along than I actually am, but at the same time, the last couple months have flown by. I found out exactly 2 months ago that I was pregnant. 26 more weeks to go. Haha. Ish.

So what else is there to update on? OH! Sooooo since my due date was supposed to be about a month before we had to be in Hawaii, Brad and I were talking about leaving early...which I think I mentioned...anyway, when he got back from Maldives, he put in paperwork to see if it would get approved for us to move earlier....well -- it did. July 10 is his new report date, which means, we'll be outta here probably at the very end of June. I feel like we have a lot to do before we move, and of course, I'm the only one that thinks so...but we have to make sure we get all of our utilities shut off and our last bills, we have to get movers here to pack up everything, go through everything, decide what we are going to do about housing, and a car when we get there....and a ton more stuff....it just FEELS like a lot -- it probably isn't all that much. And depending on when we can get all of our stuff shipped will depend on when we can get outta our house....its just deciding a lot of dates and times and what not and we need to kinda get everything as set in concrete as we can since we are depending on mom and dad for a couple weeks before we move for a place to live and a car. This isn't going to be anywhere near as easy as when Brad moved from Hawaii to here....he didn't have a wife and a kid (with one on the way) to move too. *sigh* I'm just glad that we'll be there and we can get settled before the baby comes...I should learn to just let things go and let them happen as they happen and deal with things, but I like to be in control and know exactly what is going to happen and when, and the Army doesn't help with that. :/ But I'll deal and everything will be fine, and I'll just be stressed and Brad will deal with it like he always does because he loves me. It's weird that in just a couple months we'll be in Hawaii starting a new chapter in our lives...a new state, a new baby....my how time flies. Also with moving so fast, I'll have to have a baby shower in time for everything to get packed up by the movers -- so like, the end of May-ish...but then again, its one of those things that needs an exact date....and Brooklyn is dealing with it, so yea.

So Reilly's birthday is coming up. (March 29 like I mentioned earlier) and so is her birthday party (SpongeBob!!) ! I have almost everything -- minus the cake, and a menu...unfortunately, the menu is going to depend on if its sunny outside or not. I'd really love to BBQ something...but I'm not entirely sure what to make! I'll have to sit down this weekend and figure it out...(thought I just checked out weather.com and it doesn't look like its going to be nice at all...sooo) maybe crab cakes or something along those lines? I guess I don't really have to MAKE anything (like lunch) I could just do snacks or something. I dunno. I'll figure it out. I'll get help from Brooke/Steve & Bradford and make a semi-kid friendly menu. I also have to deal with the balloon situation...I want to blow up 50+ balloons to give the house an "underwater" feel, but Bradford doesn't want that many balloons in the house. LAME! I bought them for a reason. Whatever, I'm going to call the Party Store and see how much renting a tank would be vs. having them blow them up.

So I think that's all for now! More updates to come! I'm going to start a weekly food post as well, since I'm always cooking and everyone seems to enjoy my food. It's pretty nommy.


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