22 March, 2010

abortion. pregnancy. life in general.

Whenever something on the news pops up about abortion, especially when politicians are involved, I almost immediately reach for the remote so that I can change the channel. Why? Because 99% of ALL politicians make me want to throw something at the TV. There are some things that I've scooted over to a more conservative point of view on, something that my father in law and I have had more than one conversation about, which is fine by me. I have my beliefs....but being pro-choice is the one thing that I am absolutely DEAD SET on being on the liberal side about. I can't STAND that we as Americans...as WOMEN have to sit by and let men (mostly) make decisions about what we can and can't do to our bodies. I personally, have never had a reason to have an abortion, and I don't foresee any reason to have an abortion in the near or distant future....BUT that doesn't mean that I don't think that every women in the continental United States shouldn't be able to get an abortion. Going to the rallies against the pro-lifers, I've seen a lot of people get out of hand...as in any rally. However, a lot of the problems can from the pro-life side of the spectrum. As pro-choicers, we were merely there to make our opinions heard. I can't tell you how many high-school (AND YOUNGER) kids were made to go with their pro-life schools and parents, and how many of them had questions about abortions. It wasn't "what is an abortion, or how does it work?" But questions like "why did you feel that you needed to get one" or "why should this be important to me". I saw numerous kids get shuffled away from these conversations because their parents/teachers....those are the kids who are going to rebel against their parents in a HUGE way because they have all these thoughts and questions that they aren't going to get answers to.

I respect the people who choose to think that abortion is wrong -- I'm not going to sit here and say that their opinion is wrong. That wouldn't be right. They have every right to not like abortion, to not believe that women shouldn't be able to get them....but what they DON'T have a right to do is tell me, or any other woman, what they SHOULD or SHOULDN'T be able to do to their bodies. As of age 18, I could go get whatever I wanted pierced or tattooed. I've been able to get pregnant and have babies if I choose to, or even if I didn't. Why shouldn't I be able to have an abortion if my life can't deal with a baby right now? What if I didn't make NEARLY enough money to cover the cost to have a child...should I have that baby anyway? Sure...there are TONS of couples looking to adopt....but um...hello?! How many children right now are stuck in the foster system and can't get out because people want babies, or people without disabilities? If you want a child THAT fucking bad, then you should be happy no matter what. Also, I do not condone abortion as birth control. Just because you continually forget your birth control and keep getting knocked up, doesn't mean you can just get abortions willy nilly. This is also why they have the Plan B pill! Come the fuck on people. I know more than one person who have had at least one abortion, and I can tell you that it affects everyone differently....some people are remorseful, some people aren't. It just depends on what kind of person you are, and under what circumstances you are getting an abortion. If they make abortion illegal, there are going to be back alley abortions again...people doing it in their own homes, not in a sterile environment, "doctors" performing them with coat hangers and surgical tools that are not supposed to be used....no counseling...no nothing...is that really how these cats in Washington want their wives, daughters, granddaughters to live? Really?!

Okay. I'm done with that topic for now.

On to pregnancy -- Soooo I'm 14 weeks pregnant. Still. Everyone is absolutely convinced I'm having twins....I'm still crossing my fingers for only one baby. Though, if we did have twins, I'd be getting my IUD put back in again and then scheduling a counseling session to get my tubes tied. I can't imagine having any more than 3 kids, and I think it would be a good idea. I'm still not feeling that great....I don't have the morning sickness anymore (though, there are some things I still can't eat...I have a hard time with shrimp for some reason), but I'm still completely exhausted and I try to take a nap at least once a day. I'm constantly getting headaches throughout the day, starting with the first one when I wake up. I've also been getting dizzy and feeling faint between 1 and 2 if I don't eat something right at lunch time. Sometimes other times during the day too. It's pretty fucking lame....as I told Bradford this morning, this is the part of pregnancy that is supposed to be GOOD. The part that makes me wanna have MORE kids. The part that reminds me that the first trimester sickness and the last trimester miserableness (I know, not a word) , and the labor pains and staying up all night is TOTALLY WORTH IT....I base all other pregnancies on this trimester alone! And so far, this trimester isn't looking that great. I'm going to talk to my doctor on the 29th and see what she (or he?) says...I'm just so tired of feeling like shit. Not to mention now I have this ridiculously stuffy nose, and I can't sleep more than a couple hours at a time for multiple reasons (the nose, having to pee, Reilly...whatever) I just want to feel better, and myself....and not like a fucking lump on a goddamn log. I'm so tired of this.

Meh. Alright, on to other things. Nothing really has been going on -- we're gearing up to go through everything in the house in anticipation for our move. I can't believe that we'll be outta here in just THREE MONTHS. There are so many things that we want to do and so many things that we HAVE to do before we move. We want to make a list of things that we can enjoy with Brooklyn and Steven (only our best friends in the entire world) which include going up to Seattle AT LEAST once. I also have to have a baby shower (which Brooklyn has so graciously offered to plan for me) and do family stuff and it just seems like we don't have the time. I wish we could go to Brooke and Steve's wedding and I wish we could go to Ohio and visit before we move...but we just can't. I'm not going to put my body through THAT much flying and time change and Bradford doesn't want to either.

Expect pictures for one of my next posts as well because its going to be after Reilly's birthday party. I also need to do what I said I was going to do and start doing a food blog. Maybe I'll do one later for the dinner we had last night. It was delicious. Tonight I'm going to make cheddar biscuits and some kind of chicken. Haven't decided yet. Reilly and I are also going to be making Muddy Buddies at some point in the next day or so.

Reilly is calling me to take a shower...sooooo I guess that's what I'll be doing.


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