03 March, 2010

this might be old news but...

I was talking to my mom the other day, and we were talking about growing up and being adults. It came about because we were in the mall, walking towards Best Buy so I could get Where The Wild Things Are and get Transformers for Reilly for her birthday. As we walked through the food court, there were about 10-12 teenagers just sitting here...totally loitering...not doing anything of any value for society other than staring daggers into the adults and unpopular kids. I made the comment about how I never wanted to be a teenager again. Which is the complete and total truth. You couldn't pay me to go back and be a teenager. I told my mom that I was happy being a grown up -- and even though paying bills and being responsible sucks sometimes, I would much rather be happy in my marriage, and with my family, and content in my life, and not have to deal with all the petty bullshit and drama that your late teens and early twenties brings you.

Then again, you will always be forced to endure a little bit of drama as you get older...close friends and family...and normally you put up with it because you love them...but then there are people who you just can't deal with. Who always have to be up in your business, and bringing the drama into your life. I know a couple people like that -- so I'm not singling anyone out by any means, but I know multiple people who its seems that their only goal in life is to make life more difficult for everyone around them, and then themselves.

I realize that I already kinda did a post on this, but it bothers me -- teenagers are teenagers and for the most part, we assume they are going to act like total asshats to everyone they know. But what excuse do you have, people in your mid to late 20's? How can you call yourself a responsible adult when you have a kid (or kids)? Or you're married....or you plan on GETTING married? Why even involve yourself in such petty bullshit? Because its "cool"? Because its not. Its why people don't like you...because you can't separate your 24-25 year old self from your 16 year old self. Just -- for everyone's sake, just please go ahead and take your head outta your ass, look in a mirror, and grow the fuck up. You and your behavior don't make you special. They make you look like a jerk.

Just sayin. (stay tuned for another post sometime in the near future)


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