12 February, 2010

Baby Update 1

Sooo I haven't really updated on the baby situation since my post about being pregnant. How odd of me. Sooo lets see, we found out I was pregnant on January 17th 2010. I had my first doctors appointment on February 1st...which, turns out was just an intake appointment...which was pretty lame. Paperwork, blood work, some bullshit genetic testing class that was required before I could even schedule my first appointment with an actual doctor. Silly. Anyway, so I did that on February 1st. February 5th I had my first appointment with my doctor. I had to wake up at like, 630 in the morning for my 845 am appointment.

So my appointment. Went in there, did the normal "hey, hows it goin, how ya feelin" crap. Filled out a depression questionnaire. Hooray. Those things are also irritating. Did the glorious pap smear. *shudder* I know you all shuddered too, its okay...they suck. After we did that, the doctor busted out the fetal doppler. HOW I LOVE THE GEL!! :/ Seriously, that shit is gross. Well, she couldn't find the heartbeat. They thought I was 12 weeks, and should have been able to hear the heartbeat. So she brought out the portable ultrasound machine! Yippie! She tried it on the outside first...she could barely see the baby, so we got to do the vaginal ultrasound. Yup. That was just as fun as the pap! Sooo she did that. Great times. But she could see the baby. And the heartbeat. And she measured him/her. He or she was 8 weeks 1 day as of February 5th. That over there is my little turtle. Today (February 12th) the baby is 9 weeks and 1 day. Only 31 weeks left to go! haha. No seriously, its going to be a fun, awesome ride. I've already started picking out baby accessories (stroller, sling, etc...) but no clothes or bedding or anything like that until we know the sex of the baby. I like being prepared with clothing and I hate being surprised. It helped me bond with Reilly and I think it'll help me bond with this new baby. Bradford and I have also been talking about where we're going to have the baby. We've discussed it and it seems like the best idea is going to be for us to move to Hawaii before the baby is born. I won't be able to handle not having my own space when the baby gets here. If we stayed in Washington till the baby was born, we would be staying at my parents house and have to drive a good 45 minutes to the hospital. And I want my baby to have their own space in their own house when they're born. And I think that Reilly is going to need her room all put together when the baby comes...I think its going to be a big deal to her. Maybe I'm wrong. I dunno. So we're looking to move most likely sometime in August...we're not 100% as to when...and even though this isn't what I wanted...this is the lesser of two evils in my opinion. And we'll work it out...we always do. Also, my next appointment is on March 1, so expect an update around then...but until then, enjoy my rants and whatever about ridiculous other shit...like which stroller I've decided I want, and what foods I can and can't eat!


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