18 January, 2011

What's In Your Bag??

As promised, my What's In Your Bag post.

Seriously -- if you have an doubts that people like to see whats in other people's bag, go to google and google "what's in your bag" and click on images. Seriously. Do it.

my bag: made for me by my Aunt Cheryl!
Okay so, here's my bag. It's pretty basic. And super cute.

An inside view....I know, my camera put the outside in focus, but not the inside. It's not organized AT ALL and it just has stuff shoved in there. I've never been a fan of organized purses. I LOVE just blindly shoving my hand in there and touch searching for what I'm looking for. I do it all the time. Even if I actually look in it, I still have to touch search.

Here's everything all laid out. My purse wasn't actually THAT full this time around. Shocking. But I know you all are laughing at the ridiculous shit right? Right.

Close up. What's in this picture?:
1-my wallet.
2- my cell phone, which I left in my purse all night, with an unimportant missed call
3-SOPHIE! (she squeaks when I walk sometimes)
4-Fig Newtons. I grabbed them as a snack for Reilly on Saturday when we did some running around
5-a random hair tie
6-tube of Carmex. Never leave home w/out one
7-a bottle of hand sanitizer.

And on this side:
1- Receipts. One from the post office (I bought tape) and one from Whole foods
2-Address of whole foods (to put in our GPS)
3-baby rings. I think I had more than 2 in there at one point, but right now, its just the two.
4-last weeks grocery list. With most everything crossed off.
5-My planner. Seriously, I try not to leave home without it. I have things to write down. Plus, it gives me something to do while we're driving, since I have that stupid little phone.
6-More hand sanitizer. I would say that I have a problem, but that is the lotion kind. It helps keep the hands from drying out from using too much regular hand sanitizer.

So there you have it. What's in my purse.

That was fun right?! Right.

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