17 January, 2011

What's In Your Bag? Pre-game.

Okay, so I recently (today!)  found this new blog that I {adore} to the max. Nice Girl Notes. She's highly entertaining and is a mommy and wife and I just love, love, love her.

I'd be her real life friend if I could -- that's how much I just adore her blog.

So since I stumbled upon her blog, I've been reading back entries (like I do when I find a blog I like) and I found this one from back in September. I know, I know, I'm about 4 months too late. Sue me, I had just had a baby.

But now I want to do it because...well...it looks fun.

So tomorrow, what I'm gonna do is take pictures of my purse. I know....it sounds boring right? You'd be surprised what people on the internet will look at. I mean, look at all the porn that's out there, and then tell me my purse isn't more interesting than naked girls flashing their hoo-haas around.

Back to the topic -- tomorrow, I am taking a picture of what is in my purse.

Aren't you excited? You should be. Really. Be excited.

You never know what you're going to find in there. Sometimes I'm even shocked!

Stay tuned!

1 comment:

{NiceGirlNotes} said...

Girl, I have to do another post so you can link up your bag fabulousness!