09 December, 2011

Tis the season

I haven't written for awhile, so this is gonna be quick...I actually have loads of things to do today (like run to the bank...which...blehhhh) and get some stuff done around the house.

As far as the pregnancy is going...well it's going. I'm miserable and tired. I'm not sure how women in their 30's and 40's have babies because...well this is tiring. Of course, I understand that I do have a 5 year old and a toddler who keep me busy all day long and that makes it a little more tiring, but still. But aside from just being exhausted, I'm doing really well. I went to a midwife appointment just a couple weeks ago and I was measuring two weeks ahead, which apparently is normal? Did not realize that! But good to know. So I was measuring a couple weeks ahead, but Bachman is doing wonderfully. He's moving around like crazy -- much more than I remember either of the girls doing. Though the last couple days he's calmed down a little bit...which I think is more about the room he has inside. He's definitely starting to run out. And with less than 10 weeks till my due date, that's expected.

I've started working on my birth plan, which will be short, sweet and to the point this time (about a page long, bulleted.). It's including the treatment of the placenta since we're planning on taking that home (which, I might write about later, if I have the time) to encapsulate it. So I want to get that all taken care of. We finally bought Bachman a car seat (Thanks mom and dad!) so we are technically ready for him whenever he wants to come, though I'm hoping he'll stay in until at least my due date, and if he wants to stay in there a little longer, he is more than welcome to. Also, in talking to my husband, I really notice how much he actually listens to me when I talk about birth and what I want for me and our babies...and how amazingly supportive he is when it comes to what I want.

I have my next doctors appointment coming up in about a week and a half for my 32 weeks. I just can't believe it's going SO FAST. The holidays make it go buy much faster.

Speaking of holidays, we had a wonderful Thanksgiving with our friends this year. Pretty small, but it was fun. We cooked a pretty traditional dinner...I made homemade pie for the first time ever, which was delicious if I say so myself. It was just nice and fun. I sure did miss my family and Thanksgiving always reminds me of my Grandma (who passed away in October) and Grandpa (who passed away in 2004) so it was a little difficult this year. But we had a great time anyway.

Up next is Christmas and I have almost all of my Christmas shopping done! YAY! I just have a few more things I want to get the girls and I actually have a family of kids that I'm going to be shopping for. A blog that I read made a post right here called Operation WANA (We Are Not Assholes) in regards to another post that she made a couple days ago. Anyway, long story short, every one of the comments on the blog is asking for or offering to help someone this holiday season...so after reading and reading and doing a lot of thinking, I'm planning on getting some things together for a family for Christmas. They have 4 kids, including a 6 month old daughter with some birth defects. So I'll be shopping around for some things for the family. It won't be much...I wish I could do more for a family in need...but we'll do what we can. We have been very lucky that even though we aren't perfect financially, we are still able to afford a place to live and cars with gas and put food in our tummies...our kids never feel like they don't have anything and we aren't behind in our bills....so wihle we may not have thousands of dollars saved up in our bank account and yea, we sometimes live from paycheck to paycheck, we are definitely not hurting like a lot of other people are. Reading some of the stories just made my heart hurt...to know that so many people are just waiting for the banks to come take their houses and that no matter how much they've tried, they still cannot find work...it's just heartbreaking. Especially when kids are involved. I can't imagine not being able to give my kids just the basics. So it's what I can do to help out a family and help them have a better Christmas. I've emailed the mom a little bit and she just seems so sweet and I feel for her. I really do. Not to mention, this is something I really enjoy doing. And we probably won't be able to do it every year, and it may not be that much money, but at least it's something. And this is probably the most stressful time of year for most families so it makes me feel awesome. :)

So that's that. I'll be posting again soon...I've just been so busy...and it'll be even busier in the next couple weeks. Brad starts a new job soon, we have Christmas, and doctors appointments and Reilly's school break. We have court just a few days after Christmas too, which we are gearing up for. I just sent a whole bunch of stuff off to my lawyer and have actually more to print and send off. Just getting ready for that. I'm excited for everything we have going on in the next couple weeks.

But for now, I must sign off...it is nap time at my house and the we have errands to run.

More later. I promise.

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