18 April, 2011

I Have Some Great News....

I have some great, fantastic, amazingly awesome news.

That I can't share.

I know, aren't you sad too? But I can't share my news just yet. And it's important that I don't share quite yet. I want to...I really want to do. I want to scream it from the roof tops because I am so excited about this adventure we're about to embark upon, as a family.

Go ahead and make your guesses...I'm sure there is already tons of speculation from my friends on facebook (minus those that I HAVE told, which have been only a few). But there are so many things it could be, that honestly, it's so up in the air that I bet you probably can't guess, which is exactly how I want it. I could tell everyone who has asked, but it is honestly in the best interest of my entire family for me to keep it quiet. So I'm sorry if I've hurt anyone's feelings, but really, this is for the best.

However, I will be able to talk about it soon, so no worries. It's a huge event in our lives, and I feel like I should talk about it...to either explain myself or just discuss the matter, or a little of both. So expect some updates about whats going on in our family, and how it is going to get more awesomer. (Yes, that's not a word, I know)

So yay! Expect that readers. Expect. That. *said like Antoine Dodson*

In other news, I got an email back from my trainer for the doula class regarding the rough draft of my communication assignment. Overall, she thought I did a great job, and just wanted me to elaborate on a couple points, like why I felt like I wouldn't be able handle contractions, and the like. So tonight or tomorrow, I'll be elaborating a smidge, and submitting my final draft. I was worried about how the trainer would react to the paper, since they have their own format for the paper, but I feel really good knowing that she thinks I did a great job. *phew*

That's it for today readers. I've been trying to blog a little bit more, and now that I have exciting new topics to blog about (soon! soon, I promise!), I'll be doing that a lot more.


Adrianne said...

Oh man the suspense is killing me. I've seen you hint for a while now! Whatever it is sounds super exciting.

Mrs. Obie said...

It IS super exciting! I really can't wait to share. I'm just crossing our fingers that everything goes smoothly and quickly! :D

Megan (Best of Fates) said...

Okay, I'm on the edge of my seat - what a taunting post!

Mrs. Obie said...

I'm so sorry for the taunting post Megan! I really and truly apologize! I've already written the super secret revealing post, I'm just waiting to post it! Hopefully in the next week or two I'll be able to post it. Step one is commencing on this Thursday (April 21)....I'm not sure how long it will take to get to step 2, which is what I'm waiting for before I post the blog. Stay tuned!

I hope everyone is as excited about this as I am after I post it...it is a huge step for our family. :)

Lina said...

Did I miss the big reveal or are we still waiting????

Mrs. Obie said...

Haven't revealed the secret yet! Soon *hopefully*!