05 January, 2011

Goodbye 2010. Hello 2011

Firstly, I missed the most recent wordless Sunday. It was a "busy day" and I just didn't have time was just too lazy. But no fear! A picture will be posted at the end of this blog to make up for it.

Second, Happy New Year to all! We are 5 days into the new year...and well...nothing has happened. No, I take that back, I got my IUD (birth control) put in on Monday, so I am now an anti-baby zone for the next 5-ish years.

New Years has always been a time of reflection for me. I always cry when the clock hits midnight. I feel like a chapter of my life is coming to an end. Though, Brad made a good point that it really isn't...but to me it is. The years are always filled with happy times and sad times. And while I don't remember everything that has happened in the last year, there are specific memories that will always stand out. For instance, this year some of the following things happened:
  • Two days after Brad left for Maldives, I found out I was pregnant.
  • I turned 25.
  • My husband was gone for my entire first trimester, and a good 8 weeks or so out of the beginning of the year
  • Reilly turned 4
  • We sadly said goodbye to our beloved dog, Jax. (No, she didn't die. We knew we were moving to Hawaii, and didn't want to put her through all of that, especially with the chance that she could be stolen for fighting purposes)
  • We had our orders changed to move before the baby was due instead of after.
  • A friend of ours died in Afghanistan. 
  • My brother in law went to war. Again.
  • We said goodbye to my family and our friends in Washington and made the trek to Hawaii.
  • I hated Hawaii.
  • We made good friends.
  • My amazing, beautiful second daughter Ophelia was born. 
  • My parents came to visit their grandchildren.
  • I liked Hawaii.
  • Brad turned 28.
  • Brad and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary. 
  • My mother in law came to visit.
  • We spent an amazing Thanksgiving with our friends and family.
  • We spent an amazing Christmas with our friends. 
  • Our daughters got a fantastic Christmas (with a real tree even!)
  • My husband and I celebrated New Years Eve at our house, enjoying each others company, with our two little girls sleeping, toasting with champagne, kissing at midnight, and inhaling firework smoke outside. 

It isn't everything. We've had our fights, tears have been shed, we've done it all. And there is so much more in store for us.  This year is going to be amazing. At least, I am going to be making the best of it. I have plans for what I want to accomplish this year. There are things we need to do, and want to do.
  • We want to get our budget in check. 
  • We want to buy a new (not brand new, new to us) car. 
  • I want to co-sleep for at least 2 more months and breastfeed for another 8 months. 
  • Reilly turns 5! And starts school in the fall. 
  • Ophelia turns 1! 
  • We'll be getting another visit from my mommy and my sister in law. 
  • And hopefully my brother in law as well. 
  • And hopefully making a trip to Washington to visit my family, and see my best friends new baby. 
  • I want to become a certified doula and look into starting school. 
  • I want to bring in some kind of income. 
  • I want to blog and read more.
  • I want to be a better wife and mother.
  • I want to get in better shape.
I am so excited about this next year.  These are not resolutions. I don't "do" resolutions. After years and years of promising myself that I'm going to do this or that, and not following through, I just stopped. But this year, I decided I would make a resolution. Mostly because it'll be an easy one to do (after we get that car) and I miss doing it so much. But after we moved, we stopped buying natural/organic foods and I stopped using my reusable grocery bags (which I've blogged about here). I want to do that again. I miss it so much. So that's my resolution for this year is to start buying natrual/organic foods and products and be more of a hippy.

And that's it. My year in review. My wish list for 2011. My one and only resolution.

I hope you all had an amazing new years. I hope all my readers have an amazing 2011, a year full of new and wonderful things.

goodbye 2010

hello 2011
And now, as promised, pictures!

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Michelle said...

Well, I think it's AWESOME that you have "goals" for 2011, and even awesome-r that we share a LOT of the same interests...not that doula thing tho, I'm a construction (office work) girl who doesn't like to be dirty. I reflected a lot over 2010 and what changed in my life, good and not-so-good. I realize more every day that things happen (and DONT) for a reason, and that everything has a purpose.

I know you'll stick to what you believe in and be wonderful at whatever you do. =)